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Tahi Ngātahi (Tar-he Na-tar-he) is being developed by NZ Shearing Contractors Association and Federated Farmers with support from ACC and WorkSafe NZ.

Tahi Ngātahi provides online multimedia training to increase the industry’s productivity, quality (i.e. welfare of ewes) and safety (i.e. compliance).

Who is the training for?

Tahi Ngātahi has two learning modules. One will train farmers, shearing contractors, managers and supervisors. The other is designed to train shepherds, other farm staff, shearers, pressers, and wool handlers.

The first learning module is available at tahingatahi.co.nz. It was created to test the value of an online learning module for sheep farmers and shearing contractors. The prototype received a warm welcome at the 2017 World Shearing Championships.



Mission Statement

Our mission is to unify the Shearing Contractors of New Zealand by providing relevant, timely, practical information that affects their businesses in a cost efficient way.

We aim to be a voice for the industry in appropriate arenas, advocating sensibly to governance bodies and assisting in relevant industry initiatives, industry training and utilizing our leverage as a body to the benefit of our members.


Message from Mark Robinson - Executive Officer

The Association is in a really interesting position at present and I’ve been impressed with the amount of progress made in various areas in recent times as well as the clear passion that people have for the industry. I believe membership of the Association offers outstanding value and a key role we have is to communicate the benefits of the membership along with bringing to life the recently developed strategic plan. This plan sets out goals of lifting the profile of the organisation, working hard to improve recruitment and retention rates of workers in the wool harvesting industry, improving opportunities around training and raising the bar on health and safety for everyone associated with the work we do. Lofty goals, and from my perspective a great time to be entering the organisation with so much enthusiasm to attack the challenges and opportunities we have.

For now I’m focusing on developing an action plan that comes out of the key goals from the strategic plan, continuing to gain some knowledge of ‘how things work’ in general, looking to see how I might be able to support executive committee members and lending a little bit of support to Tahi Ngatahi.

To achieve our mission we strive to:

  • Bring the Shearing Contractors of New Zealand together to create unity and understanding within our industry,
  • Negotiate and communicate with all entities that affect our business.
  • Keep our Members fully informed on all current issues that may benefit them.
  • Provide sound, practical, professional advice.
  • Maintain a network of contacts and mentors throughout New Zealand.
  • Enable each individual member participate in the benefits of a strong group of like minded employers

Latest Updates

3 October 2018

NZSCA Roadshow and Tahi Ngātahi meetings

We enjoyed discussing important issues for our industry and getting your feedback at our roadshow meetings.  It was great to see so many farmers and contractors wanting to get on board with the project and sign up.  We now look forward to seeing the momentum continue with memberships coming in every week.  

If you missed the meetings and would like further information, please feel free to contact Bronwyn Campbell, our Project Manager for Tahi Ngatahi or click on the link to the website www.tahingatahi.co.nz 

Learn about Tahi Ngātahi, the industry-driven online programme we’ve developed in partnership with farmers and government (WorkSafe and ACC) to prevent injuries in the wool growing and harvesting industry. The programme aims to ensure everyone is using best practice to prevent injuries in the workplace and the part everyone plays in achieving this.

See more about Tahi Ngātahi on facebook.


Media Release  May 31, 2018

The New Zealand Shearers Contractors Association (NZSCA) has responded to the significant challenges of recruiting and retaining skilled labour in the wool harvesting industry by recommending a landmark improvement in wages and entitlements for the coming year.  
This recommendation, ratified at the Association’s recent Annual General Meeting, is the result of several months of consultation with members and non-members and has been launched in conjunction with a new strategic plan outlining the goals of the NZSCA over the next three years. The plan focuses on improving the profile of the Association, lifting recruitment and retention rates, improving training opportunities and leading new standards in health and safety in the industry. 
Mark Barrowcliffe, incoming President of the NZSCA, was extremely pleased with the recommendation which would see workers’ pay and entitlements improve by up to 25%. “We are proud to be leading initiatives to address the most serious challenges in our industry and I’m particularly pleased for the staff of our members. This is the first step in responding to the recruitment and retention challenges but we’re also developing medium and long term plans to ensure this is sustainable.” 
Mr Barrowcliffe also acknowledged that addressing the pay gap with Australia was critical in keeping more New Zealanders in the industry. “This decision provides workers the opportunity to see real career opportunities and create meaningful opportunities for themselves and their families. They do not need to go to Australia now to achieve this.” Mr Barrowcliffe said. Anecdotally, it is thought approximately 50% of the sheep in Australia are shorn by New Zealand shearers.  
The NZSCA Executive Committee was now working hard to communicate the details of the recommended terms to shearing contractors, farmers and the staff of both groups. Jamie McConachie, recently retired NZSCA President and central in a lot of the consultation process, said that it was important all parties understood the changes. “We know there will be questions from farmers but without implementing these changes there is a real risk that in the near future we could not service farmer’s needs.”  
Mr McConachie was looking forward to being part of the ongoing discussions to communicate the recommendations and also saw this as an opportunity to continue to improve the employment framework for the industry. “We want to be acknowledged as an industry where fair employment conditions are the norm,” Mr McConachie said in reference to previous historical issues where entitlements haven’t always been fairly treated.  
The recommendations are set down for adoption on July 1. 


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