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The Association

The NZSCA is a leading rural sector association for shearing Contractors within New Zealand.

The NZSCA is a nationally orientated democratic organisation that provides and represents its members with a collective voice from within each province. It is a voluntary, member funded organisation, accountable to its members.

The Association represents almost 100 financial members who we estimate shear approximately 75% of the national flock.

All executive members are elected at the AGM by the financial members.

Part of the NZSCA constitutional policy is to obtain the best geographical spread of elected executive members from throughout NZ.

Current Executives

The current executive who were voted in at the 2018 AGM held in Wellington are:

  • Mark Barrowcliffe - President, PioPio
  • Jamie McConachie - Vice President and Industrial Chairman -  Winton
  • Cheryl Christie - Secretary/Treasurer - Ashhurst
  • Peter Lyon - Alexandra
  • Brendan Mahony - Napier
  • Ewen Mackintosh - Taihape/Taumarunui
  • Carolyn Clegg - Te Anau
  • Grant Murdoch - Kurow
  • Shane Ratima - Hunterville
  • Sarah Higgins - Blenheim
  • Willy McSkimming - Taumarunui

Mark Barrowcliffe


Mark and Brenda run a King country based Shearing Contracting business in Piopio.

Mark has been shearing since 1986 and a contractor since 2001 after he took over Mickey MacDonald’s run in 2001.

He has been actively involved in the Assoc since 2003 and has worked closely with EMA and employment lawyers regarding employment agreements and pay rates.

Mark was nominated at the 2018 AGM at President for the Association. His portfolio on the Executive Committee is The Employment Contract, EMA Rep, Health & Safety and ShearNZ.

Mark is also a Shearing Sports Judge, Referee and Examiner

Mobile 027 5544433 | Email: president@nzshearing.co.nz 

Jamie McConachie

Vice President

Jamie and Raelene are Shearing Contractors in Winton, Southland.  Jamie has been a member of the Association for 24 years and became the President at the 2014 AGM.  This year he has taken a step back to support Mark into the role as President. 

His portfolio on the Executive Committee is working on the Tahi Ngatahi project, Training and the Association Public Liability Insurance Rep.  Jamie and Raelene run a shearing business covering Southland since 1996. They also run a 188ha Deer, Sheep and Beef farm.

Phone: 027 336 4007 Email: jamie@nzshearing.com

Cheryl Christie


Cheryl has been working as the Secretary for the Association for the past 12 years.  She was brought up in the Wairarapa on a farm and now lives in the Manawatu town of Ashhurst.  She is the contact person for any queries regarding the Association.

Phone: 027 263 7634 | Email: contactus@nzshearing.co.nz

Brendan Mahony

Brendan has been a member on the Executive Committe for many years and brings a wealth of knowledge and information to the Association.  Part of his role on the Executive is the Assoc Liaison person for PrimaryITO and is on the IPG (Industry Partnership Group) representing the Association.

Phone: 021 423 886 | Email: b.j.mahony@xtra.co.nz

Carolyn Clegg

Carolyn and her husband Andrew are Shearing Contractors in Te Anau.  Carolyn has been on the Executive Committee for the past five years and keeps Assocation Members up to date on the latest with Immigration and is our liaison person with Work & Income and Immigration New Zealand.  Her portfolio on the Executive Committee is EMA Rep, Immigration, Health/Wellness.

Phone: 027 274 8951 Email: ajclegg@xtra.co.nz

Peter Lyon

Peter and Elsie are well known Shearing Contractors based out of Alexandra in Central Otago.  Peter has been involved in the Association for over 30 years.   In 2008 Peter was elected as a Life Member of the Association and still has an active role on the Executive Committee as a Representative for Skills and Education, a Director on the Te Ako Wools Board, involvement in ShearNZ and the Tahi Ngatahi Project

Phone: 027 433 3522  Email: elsie@peterlyonshearing.co.nz

Shane Ratima

Shane is into his second year as a member on the Executive, joining the team after the 2017 AGM in Queenstown.   His portfolio on the Executive is industrial matters. 


Phone: 027 222 0770 Email: ratimashearing@inspire.net.nz

Grant Murdoch

Grant and Sharlene have been contracting in the Kurow and Omarama  areas for 13 years.   Prior to contracting he was a full time shearer and shore throughout Australia and New Zealand.  He is married with 4 adult children one of whom is a full time shearer.  He enjoys getting out in the hills hunting in his spare time and jet boating with friends and family.  HIs role on the Executive is Training.


Phone: 027 430 7678 Email: gmurdochshearing@xtra.co.nz

Ewen Mackintosh

Ewen has been contracting for 27 years based out of Taihape and Taumarunui and covers a wide area of the central North Island.  He is passionate about health and safety and is one of the advocates on the Executive committee for this portfolio.  He is also involved in the Tahi Ngatahi ACC project.


Phone: 027 251 4444 Email: ecmack@windowslive.com 

Sarah Higgins

Sarah is one of our new members that have joined the Executive Committee.  This year will be about getting involved in the processes on the committee and bringing new and fresh ideas to the table.

She shears fulltime and contracting for 3 years in Marlborough.  She graduated from Lincoln with a BcomAg in 2014.

Phone: 027 297 2739 Email: higgins.shearing@outlook.com

Willy McSkimming

Willy is our other newest member on the committee. 

Willy and his wife Tess have been contracting for 14 years.

An import to the North from the South Island he has now made Taumarunui his home with Tess and their two children.

Willy started off in the sheds as a learner wool handler while still at school and progressed through the ranks to pressing then shearing before taking the contracting reins from his brother.

Mobile 027 449 1712 | Email: nzshearing@yahoo.co.nz

Mark Robinson

Executive Officer

Mark is from a dairy farming background in South Taranaki and since attending university in Wellington and the UK has worked in sport and more recently sports administration and leadership roles in the areas of transport, energy, waste management and property development.

He is currently based in New Plymouth, and has only been in this new role since June 2018.

Mark's role on the Executive is to oversee projects, support the executive and promote and advocate for the Association.

Mobile 027 694 3568 | Email: manager@nzshearing.co.nz