The NZSCA's primary function is to provide a vehicle for Shearing Contractors to join and participate in the benefits of a strong group of like minded employers who have the best interests of their industry foremost in their minds.

The NZSCA does this by informing its Members with sound and practical advice which our membership possesses from a vast pool of knowledge, experience and networking. The NZSCA also provides its Members with the opportunity of up to date legal advice, which every Member is entitled to.

If you wish to become a member please contact the Secretary.

Your membership consists of :

This comprehensive document sets out a template that Members may use as a basis for negotiating an employment agreement with their employees. Yes, each employer must have an employment contract with each employee as per the law. This template must first be read, understood and then customized by the Member, and if then chooses to, add or amend those clauses that may not be relevant to the Member's particular business in conjunction with their employees.

You Cannot

Amend the minimum legal obligations in this document with respect to Bereavement and Sick Leave/ACC and Annual Holidays. These cannot be changed.

The aspect of statutory holidays is a "best fit" for our Industry in respect of "Casual, as and when required" nature of employment. The NZSCA are adamant the Member does not change this.

There is no such thing as an "Award". The NZSCA cannot set pay rates but can make recommendations to its Members.

As part of your membership the NZSCA has as an Organisation struck a membership deal with the EMA. (A single business membership can cost $1,800.00). This allows each Member access to the EMA should they have employment issues. This Organisation allows you as a Member the only truly national Organisation representing Business and Employers at Government, local, regional and national levels.

The NZSCA agreed at its AGM in May 2006 that with the Matrix of Employment Legislation involved in running your business, current up to date legal advice was paramount.

The NZSCA insists that every Member uses this service as much as possible, regardless of how many people you employ.

A comprehensive Insurance Policy is also included in your membership. Again the NZSCA has as a Body been able to strike favourable terms with this Insurance Body.

Note: The Indemnity Value of each claim is an aggregate figure. The said Member is the NZSCA, not each individual member.

For more information about the insurance policy contact the Secretary.

The NZSCA now has its own Website, providing links to Agencies relevant to the Shearing Industry and details of our Executive Committee and current financial members. People can now log on from all around the world. This is a new development and is still being updated with more information.

Also, members can have their own web presence for a small setup and annual fee. Promote your contracting business through your own page on the website. For more information contact the Secretary.

Again, thank you for considering to become a Member of the NZSCA. This Association is your Association and your contribution can only make it stronger.